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March 31, 2012


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Edit: Chenbeard the Pirate is no longer the Captain of the Black Fedora Pirates. The new captain is Lady Riddle :icondiluculi: so if yer lookin' t' join, best seek 'er out eh? ^^


Arrr maties. Ye've waited a long time ta see the crew list come up and I just want ye all ta know that this is going to double up as a bounty list (this journal entry will be a permanent entry).  It will be linked on my ID and every crew member will be featured here permanently.

For those who are interested in joining the crew, the join rules will be listed below after the bounty section (Ctrl + F, "Join Rules", to skip straight there). If you want to know WHY it is good to have a bounty, scroll past the crew list and I'll give a full explanation on it ("Bounty Section").

Note: members in this list are NOT listed in terms of rank, with the exception of the Captain and First Mate (Co-Captain) who will occupy the first two slots.

1. Chenbeard (Chennie) the Pirate :iconwordofchen: - He is the current leader of the Black Fedora Pirates and speaks with a pirate accent whenever he can. However, when no one is observing, he speaks with an english accent and generally writes poetry. He was set on this quest to break the curse of a Goddess, who forced him to sail the seas in order to return literature to the world.  He has a Bounty of 1,500,000 GEMS. You can find his photo here: AND his character profile can be found here:

2. First Mate Hayes (Zoey) :iconlugialuvr13: - She is the co-captain/first mate of the Black Fedora Pirates and Chenbeard's trusted right-hand.  Her duty is to do the stuff the Captain is too lazy to take care of himself. As Chenbeard's longest crewmember, she has shown her loyalty to him since the very beginning. When his old crew mutinied, she was the first to prepare his life boat. She currently has a Bounty of SPECIAL STATUS. She can be found on the same account as the captain.

3. Specialist Doctor Frederic :iconirrendernarr42: - Our resident doctor and possible chemist, he is a loyal and powerful friend who found his way aboard the ship due to a stroke of both luck and misfortune. He's a great doctor, most of the time, but occasionally he might try to UPGRADE our pirates :3.  He has a Bounty of UNDISCLOSED. You can find his proof of loyalty here: His character profile can be found here:

4. Lieutenant George :icongeorge551: - Our commanding Head of Security, he keeps a close eye on the ship's plunder, makin' sure it stays where it's supposed to until it gets ta the Captain's hideout. He's an ex-soldier of the King's army, but decided to join up with the pirates when they refused his dental plan. What kind of monsters refuse Dental? O_O.  He has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. You can find his proof of loyalty here:

5. Aisuru the Assassin :iconaisuruthewolf1: - Known on the Pacific Seas as the Assassin King, Aisuru is a master of stealthy kills. He is often sent forth on secret missions and reports ONLY to the Captain himself. Deadly and efficient, Aisuru serves as the crew's all seeing and all hearing pair of eyes and ears. He ensures that the crew is kept one step ahead of their enemies. He has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. His proof of loyalty can be found here: His character profile can be found here:

6. Chase Six the Vet :iconmaj0rmaremolester: - Known as the Veteran Veterinarian, there isn't a single problem that our resident vet can't fix. Well, as long as the problem is with an animal. If you've got an illness, best see Frederic, lord knows what Chase will give ye. He's got a bounty of 24,000 gems. His proof of loyalty can be found here:

7. Blake the Blade :iconthemartyred: - Blake Mongeon is a legendary schwert meister (sword master) who hails from a far away land. His experience as a warrior makes him perfect for boarding actions and ship to shore assaults. He is also a bit of poet and tends to enjoy philosophy and mastery of self. He has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. His proof of loyalty can be found here:

8. Lyra the Navigator :iconlyrajolt: - Lyra is a nice girl, at the very least when she's not falling due to clumsiness. However, she's like a little sister to most of the crew and a gifted cartographer. She can be found napping in the crow's nest and reporting what's ahead to the rest of the crew. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: Her character profile can be found here:

9. Linda the Artist :icondeerydeerth: - Linda is a nice lady, that's pretty much the best way to describe her. She was shipwrecked in the past and found her way into the crew entirely by fortune, however despite being a proper lass, she decided to throw her lot in with the pirates and enjoys painting their adventures. She also has a lovely pet Macaw. Her bounty is UNDISCLOSED . Her proof of loyalty can be found here: Her profile can be found here:

10. Tails the Vampire :iconaskvampiretails: - Tails is a fox. Yup, a vampire fox. He is a vampire AND a fox. And did I mention he's a pirate? Well, our crew takes all kinds ^^. He currently has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED and his proof of loyalty can be found here: His profile can be found here:

11. Lorien the Elf :iconlondonnrose: - Known as the Great Archer of the Silvermoon Forest, Lorien is a lovely Elven lass who joined the crew on a mysterious quest. No one knows what this quest is OR what she's doing to actually accomplish it, but her swift and deadly bow and elven-made arrows are too much of a good thing to question. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

12. Lady Riddle the Trickster :icondiluculi: - Lady Riddle is mysterious, if nothing else she carries more than just cards and puzzles in her bag of tricks. She was a performer previously in the courts of nobility, but found herself hunted one night for no apparent reason. She then disguised herself and sought passage off the land. She happened to hear about Captain Chenbeard from a tavern and decided to throw her lot in with the pirates. She has a bounty of 371,500 gems. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

13. Abbey the Chef :iconminidisaster: - Abbey is a chef. She cooks good food, and believe me when I say that might be even more important on a pirate ship than lots of treasure. A hungry pirate is a dead pirate and Abbey ensures that the crew is well-fed and well armed. Did I mention she's got a legendary frying pan of +20 fire damage and wounding? No? Well okay, now ye know why ye don't steal food from the kitchen! She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

14. Kristine the Skyrunner :iconivylis: - Skyrunners are a rare breed of individuals, born on the Galbin Coast. They have the ability to see pathway lines and can move freely along these lines, even directly over the sky. Using a pair of daggers, they strike from awkward angles and blind spots, making them difficult to combat without proper experience. She has a bounty of 3,000 gems. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: Her profile can be found here:

15. Sparky the Queen of Theives :iconsilver-razor: - Sarah was a notorious thief in the city of Lamut. She ran the theives guild there and was very successful and rich. Until a sudden increase in the number of monsters in the surrounding region drove all the residents and merchants out of the city. Eventually, with her well of income dried up, she decided that adventuring would be the best way to return to her old lifestyle. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: Her profile can be found here:

16. Angel the Seraph :icondarlingangel0565: - Known as the Scarlet Seraph of Hope, Angel was sent by the Higher Powers to ensure that Chenbeard would fulfill his mission. No one knows why the Gods are taking an interest in this particular scallywag, but once angels and demons start getting involved, it's usually a sign that history is changing. She has a bounty of 114,000 gems. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:… her character profile can be found here:…

17. Shirayuki, the Hidden Ice Kunoichi :iconninja-of-ice: - Known only as 'Yuki Onna' in her home country, Shirayuki is a mysterious warrior of deadly skill and talent. She has her own reasons for joining the crew, but Chenbeard will neither question nor pry into them., she has sworn her oath of loyalty and Chenbeard will accept that. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. her proof of loyalty can be found here: Her character profile is found here:

18. Katelynn, the Sacred Blacksmith :iconmikaioalani: - A young girl from a small-town with a passion for working with both wood and metal. She helps to maintain the quality of our ship as well the strength of our arms. There is probably nothing that Katelynn can't fix, but the crew is sometimes interested in bringing back lots of broken bits just to see what she makes out of them. Once she made us something called a 'Dark Matter Conjugator', but now we use it fer warmin' pillows. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

19. Alanna the Shapeshifter :iconcosmowillome: - A shapeshifter from the Northern Woods of Canterbell, Alanna joined the crew in order to seek a life of venture. With her ability to switch between the forms of different animals, she can often lend a hand to almost any situation. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED . Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

20. Zoe the Smiling Acrobat :iconzstew2: - A young acrobat who went by the stage name Louise Hornigold. She is skilled with throwing knives and her acrobatic skills allow her to evade sudden attacks. She has an innate precision with throwing weapons and can usually perceive danger before it arrives. She once saved the Captain from being shot by a drunkard and was offered a place on his ship. She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

21. Yukimaru, the Devil Fist Fighter :iconyukimaru-kun: - A legendary fist fighter from the forgotten lands of Perowan, Yukimaru possess incredible martial knowledge. His fists and feet become deadly weapon and he is a master of physical force. He is constantly accompanied by his ultra cute cat-girl, Lilith the Neko. He has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. His proof of loyalty can be found here:

22. Salazar, The Devil's Sword :iconking0fbabel: - Known as La Espada Del Diablo, Salazar is a frightening swordsman of incredible skill. Known to have a hint of demon's blood running through his veins, his deadly sword techniques have proven to be a match for even the toughest of creatures. Whether he is a part of the grand scheme of Heaven and Hell, will probably be unmasked as time wears on. He has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED. His proof of loyalty can be found here:

23. Dylan the Peacemaker :icondyronl: - Fighting is not ALWAYS the answer. It is the answer MOST of the time but let's face facts, even pirates don't want to continuously be drawn into long feuds. It is because of this, that peacemakers make their living amongst the crews, acting as diplomats, negotiators and even hostages if need be. Their reputation from years of solid service is what makes them employable as a whole, but they too have to be cautious about whose ship they sail on. Some would more eagerly treat them as bargaining chips. That said, his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

24. Erik the Thousand Swordmaster :iconkalic00: - The sword arts of Salvindor are nothing to laugh at. The hundreds of schools that promote their own style all come with a history of tested combat and proven worth. Even amongst them, new schools are constantly being developed. Erik is a unique individual who couldn't choose between one style over the other and so he decided to master them all. In order to fully understand the secrets of each style, he decided to join Chenbeard's pirate crew in the hopes of putting himself in as much danger as is physically possible. (He is also the designer of the flag avatar and the stamp). He has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED.

25. Yvonne the Musician of Winterhail :iconmiss-madwell: - Yvonne is an odd North-lander. Normally those hailing from the ferocious and ice-coated north are more for ripping heads and smashing bodies, but Yvonne has always appreciated the finer things in life. Sick of the barbarian tribes, she travelled south until she met the legendary pirate Chenbeard. Immediately she was accepted into the crew, as a musician is always needed for a party! Also did I mention she's pretty? She has a bounty of UNDISCLOSED. Her proof of loyalty can be found here:

26. Black Angel Dan :iconblack-angel-dan:. Originally born in the rough ports of Calimshan, the young lad was accidentally shipped away to the Forest Land known as 'Senzoku Kizumori'. There he mastered the use of the katana, learning the 72 forms and 24 disciplines from his master, Raizo Hizashi. After the untimely death of his master however, Daniel wandered the lands as a ronin. Until one day, he heard a tale of a strange pirate... Anywho, his proof of loyalty can be found here: He has a current bounty of SPECIAL STATUS

27. Aslansa, Demon of the Shadows :iconshad0wbeast:. A resident of the demon isles close to western area of the large Galbin coast, Aslansa is as unique as they come. Most demons are more for destruction of the world and all that, but Aslansa simply wants to restore his father's kingdom to its former glory. That said, he's been the only person so far to actually manage a strike on Chenbeard in combat and that isn't a very light acheivement. His proof of loyalty can be found here: He has a current bounty of 5,000 gems

28. Crystal the Archive :icondragon-demygod:, originally a scientist of the city of Magtheria, Crystal was thrown out after developing a unique energy source known as 'The Voice of Life'. Driven by her determination to recover it, she has joined Chenbeard's pirate crew, providing them with knowledge and unique inventions that help speed their progress. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: She has a current bounty of 2,000 gems.

29. Sarah Grace, the Grey-eyed Minstrel :iconsutsuki-sensei:. Sarah or "Suki" fer short, shares her name with Sarah the Queen of Theives. That said, this one is a minstrel!  Originally a Runaway Gypsy from the Galbin coast, she travelled further to the north toward the port of Calimshan where she was picked up by Chenbeard and his crew. Her skill with the violin and knowledge of ancient lore and strange remedies make her the perfect addition to an already diverse crew. Now then, why not ask her a little about your fortune? Her proof  loyalty can be found here: and she has a current bounty of 1,000 gems.

30. Reaper, The Shepherd of the Damned :iconforgotten-reaper:. Originally a priest from one of the monasteries in the Dahlian Mountains, Reaper found that life and death were both relative concepts. To live is to retain form within one state and to die was to transition into the next. Hence, it was merely a shift of states as opposed to a beginning and an end. With this knowledge he mastered the Necromantic Arts and became a fearsome entity with power over both the living and the dead. His proof of loyalty can be found and he has a current bounty of 102,000 gems.

31. Talia Bloodrose, The Crimson Kiss of Death :iconaalie: - Once the captain of the Bloodrose pirates, she was tracked down by Sir Carthur Frank of the Witch Hunters Seventh Purification Division. After tracing her ships route all the way to the Blackwater seas, he laid an ambush for her sacrificing almost three innocent merchant ships in the process. Laden with loot, their ship was unable to escape and was forced to engage in a brutal melee. It was then that Chenbeard's crew came upon the battle and enacted a quick rescue mission. Sadly, the only survivor was Captain Bloodrose herself. Now she joined the crew, both as a way of understanding the burden of leadership and as a means of cleansing herself of the grief she so recently experienced. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: She has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED.

32. Rowan, The Warm Hearted Empath :iconskylark-13: -  The people of the Scorian Plain have always been strange. Some say that the land itself invokes mutation whilst others say that it is a blessed country. However, the continent of Romarth has long since been engulfed in Holy War and it is not odd to see stragglers like Rowan joining up with pirate crews in order to avoid the Templars of the White Lady. Her talent however will prove invaluable, because none can lie to an Empath and for that reason she works with Lady Riddle in order to understand more about the prisoners of the Black Fedora Pirates. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and she has a current bounty of 1,000 gems.

33. Leelu, The Faithful Seamstress :iconleelu: - Hailing from the port city of Mohair, one of the many ports on the Galbin Coast, Leelu is in fact a sorceress. One gifted with the natural talent in magic. However she didn't realise that she had this unique ability until she was once challenged to spin two thousand balls of yarn in the span of a single day. Since then, she has always dreamed about adventuring and hopefully developing her talents into something more. She also presently wanted by the marines for  having killed one of their officers. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and she has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED

34. Athanase, The Simple Mage :iconathanase-roux: - A young mage from the Galbin coast. Athanase comes from the country of Chevale, famous for its Chevalier's; Athanase chose the profession of a mage instead. Hence, he was unfortunately looked down upon in the land where he came from and so he journeyed west toward Calimshan. There he impressed the legendary Captain Chenbeard with his unique and interesting magic and was made a member of the crew nearly instantly. His proof of loyalty can be found here: He has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED.

35. Donovan Cray, The Arcana Musica (Mystic Musician) :icongeobukseon: - Music is often thought of as sound, a means of playing with the emotions using vibrations and made on specially created surfaces. Essentially, this is the essence of music. However, those who belong to Arcana Musica, recognise the fact that music can be something more than just a way of earning one's dinner. The ability of music to affect the mind and soul, can turn it into a potent means of performing enchantments. Those of the Arcana Musica, known as magical musicians, specialise in the art of using music as a means of performing powerful spells; substituting their songs in place of the usual incantations. It would be interesting to see what type of song will be played on this ship. This crew member's proof of loyalty can be found here: and his bounty is currently Undisclosed.

36. Latte the One-Winged Lycan, Spymaster of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconlunacella: - Lycanthropes are known for their strength and agility, coming from the deep forests of the Kusa'karr. Latte in particular is from the Shadow Wolf tribe, experts in stealth combat who bear the 'Noctium Epiderma' the skin of night. As long as no unnatural or magical source of light shines upon her (barring the sun itself), Latte is capable of concealing herself in the shadows of the night and this makes her an excellent candidate for the role of Spymaster. That said, her membership came at a very turbulent time for the Black Fedoras as they had recently been missing an Assassin. Oh my, sharp claws and a natural healing factor? I think we've found a suitable stand-in. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is Undisclosed.

37. Elena Vivian-Marie Volkov, The Scarred Rogue :iconwatchingtimepass: - A local girl from the dirty streets of the Galbin Coast, Elena met Chenbeard in the port of Feron'ghurst, a newly opened port just further north of Calimshan. It was built in the Dwarven lands, but quickly became a home for the low-lives, pirates and all sorts of other shady folk. Elena was no stranger to the streets however, they had treated her harshly and she had fought back with every fibre of her being. Bearing a trademark cross-scar upon her lips and a cynical outlook on life, she seemed a strange addition to Chenbeard's normally jovial pirate crew. However, Chenbeard himself knew that any team, army or fighting force should comprise individuals from all walks of life and the fact that she has had little to smile about, doesn't mean that she might not show a smile in future. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

38. V.A.L.K.Y.R.I.E, Arms Specialist of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconvaylkrie: - Underground arms merchants are a common feature in the seedy ports of the Galbin Coast, but only the best of crews can afford to keep one on their ships. Going by the code name Valkyrie, this particular arms merchant designs weapons and other systems for the Black Fedora Pirates. He's a little ahead of his time and his goods may sometimes malfunction, but nothing is perfect in this world and it's better to have arms than to be caught without. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

39. Miyu, The Scrivner :iconmiyu713: - Despite her seemingly harmless title, Scrivners aren't quite the clerks and scholars that they claim to be. Some in particular, especially from the desert lands of Kushan, bear a mystic power to scribe certain life-aspects into a special tome. These aspects then manifest, either as items, guardians or just a general feeling of luck and resolve. True-blooded Scrivners are rare to find and most kings would pay a handsome price to acquire one, thankfully we busted this one out of his prison on a raid...funnily enough we got away because a lucky wind was blowing at our backs that night. I wonder what else this alliance may bring. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is 44,500 gems

40. Kalixa Beilschmidt, The Cheery Shipwright :iconmossstar10: - Quite frankly, it was tough to sail without a shipwright. The ship needs to be maintained and while an arms specialist or a blacksmith can be asked to handle the task, doing the work of ship repair and upgrading is in fact the work of a shipwright. Therefore, the Black Fedora Pirates were on the look out for one during one of their regular trips to Calimshan. A dock-worker by the name of Jackle, an old friend of Chenbeard's, informed him that he had a worker who was good with her hands and while she had no formal training, it was better than sailing blind. Chenbeard decided that he would give the girl a chance and after all, life's a gamble anyway. He prefers to bet on the high-roll... Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

41. Sunny, The Dragon Rider :iconcawelling: - Dragons are AWESOME! However, their full potential can rarely be brought out without the use of either a Dragon Tamer, Dragon Knight or Dragon Rider. Tamers are magically aligned, Knights are physically aligned and Riders are a mix of both. Now Sunny here wasn't actually a Dragon Rider to begin with, he's actually proficient with the sword and could possibly be some kind of demon, but seeing as the crew needed more aerial combatants, Chenbeard decide to visit the Nether and recruit the fiercest dragon of all. With fiery breath that can turn a city to ash and with claws made from the bones of Demon kings, his roar alone is enough to kill a man and he is known as the mightiest Dragon in all of the Nether. His 'Fluffles'. Originally known as Theo'vagray Mel'thiranox, Chenbeard decided his name was too annoying and so he was renamed 'Fluffles'. After summoning him, Chenbeard handed a Repeater Crossbow and Long Lance to Sunny and told him to go shoot stuff down from the sky. THUS BEGAN TO LEGEND OF FLUFFLES...and Sunny. Sunny's proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

42. Rattis, Aka no Miko (Red Priestess) :iconlabrattis: - Just south of Perowan, is the small island of the 'Red Moon'. Here, the priestesses are said to live in harmony with the local spirits. Few pirates dare to venture into this land as it is a place of strange magic; completely unwelcoming to the unwary. However, any crew with an excess of magic wielding crew-members would probably find this one of the more interesting stops as it presents an opportunity to challenge the spirit trials in exchange for a blessing from any number of the local deities. It is said that a particular deity, "Narukami" grants the greatest strength imaginable to those who are worthy and the one to guide Chenbeard through his trial on the island, is none other than Rattis. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and she has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED.

43. Scratch, The Death Scythe :iconbloodypatch: - A trickster's ways are always mysterious, even more so when they suddenly find themselves with a servant from the realm of the Nether. It is no secret that Demons have favoured Tricksters as their soul-binding because the naturally chaotic and mischievous nature of a trickster, feeds them with the energy they need in order to grow strong. During one of Chenbeard's communications with his patron demonette Morgan, he failed to close the portal properly, which resulted in Lady Riddle being thrown through a spatial shift. Eventually, she emerged in the Plague Lord's kingdom and in exchange for her freedom, she was asked to take Scratch as a companion. However, even demons have to prove their loyalty to the Captain and Scratch's skills with the Scythe earned him the Captain's respect. His proof of loyalty is found here: and he has a current bounty of UNDISCLOSED.

44. Seacat McDougall, The Young Captain :iconfollowingstars: - Young pirates comin' out of the Galbin coast is nothing new. They're a dime a dozen, with more floodin' the seas every year. Sometimes however, pirates with exceptional dreams and skills are born and you can usually tell when destiny comes knockin' on yer door about these folks, because they're generally loud and smell of 'fated to die or live'. Seacat McDougall was one of 'em and thanks t' a chance encounter with the Captain she decided t' join with 'em, if only fer a share of the loot. She dreams someday of havin' her own pirate crew and I have little doubt that'll she have one, but whether she be flyin' under the Black Fedora another matter entirely. Her proof of loyalty be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

45. Jamal, The Powder Monkey :iconjamoker: - Most of you might question what a 'powder monkey' is. I personally, have absolutely no clue whatsoever; or rather that is what I would say if I was your average Captain. Instead, now that we've gotten the smart arse accent out o' th' way. A powder monkey be a kind of canonista, unique t' th' Galbin Coast. They're not rare, but they're only found on the Galbin Coast and that's where ye can hire 'em. Generally speakin' they serve on ships as both Gunners and spotters, which is extremely unique because most of the time the gunners can't see the enemy ship! Powder Monkeys on the other hand are simply so experienced with their weapons that they have absolute knowledge of everything surrounding the ship within a radius of about 3 - 4 kilometers. Hence, in skirmishes they're basically yer best bet. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

46. Zane, the Raven Guard :iconzanetheguardian: - Black wings are common amongst the mountains of Sumi'tar, here a unique race of humans, born with wings and with pearl white skin can be found; soaring amongst the peaks. The youth of the Sumi'tar are drawn into special Warbands and they exploit their advantage of aerial mobility to devastate their enemies with unique ambush strategies and powerful traps. Occasionally however, some Sumi'tar tire of the regimentation and choose a wanderer's life, walking alone and finding their own fortune. Most end up as warrior or elite guards to Pirate Kings and Queens and are often awarded prized sets of superior quality armor that can only be born by their strong frame and large wings. It is because of this tradition, and their lovely black wings, that they are known as "The Raven Guard". His proof of loyalty can be found here:, his current bounty is 2,000 gems

47. Aza'Zen "A-Lean" Ae'Glaeca, The Black Swan :iconkiddo0526: - The Winged Elves of the Madralin have often been a mystery to most men. The Black Swan, Aza'Zan Ae'Glaeca was no exception. She was young, but powerful and it was specifically for that reason that the Dread Morgana commanded her servant Chenbeard to seek her out. In the games of both Heaven and Hell the Elves of the Madralin have always played a critical part and it is likely that Morgana wishes to use her as a pawn or betting piece in the coming war. That said, with the world in turmoil it is a much better fate to be a pawn of the strong than to be a general amongst the weak. Even so, it is unlikely that her fate will be poor; for Chenbeard, amongst all mortals, knows much more of the whims of fate than he lets on. Perhaps the victor in the conflict will be an unlikely party, but the winning condition remains the same; He who controls the Madralin, wields the mana of the world itself... Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

48. Katty the Beastmaster, with Ace the Cerebus :iconsunsfall24: - The Beastmasters of the Osman Ocean are essentially the same as the Druids from the Galbin Coast, with one major difference: Druids shape-shift into animals and are usually accompanied by a single spirit companion, but Beastmasters, while lacking a shape-shifting capability, can command entire armies of fierce creatures. Most Beastmasters are well known for disliking society, preferring to stay in the forests and jungles where they hone their craft; eventually becoming one with the land itself. Furthermore, those Beastmasters that attain full mastery of their craft can even summon powerful Nature elementals to do their bidding, commanding earth, water, fire and air with ease. A Beastmaster is a rare but powerful addition to any pirate crew, as they can speak to animals from both land and sea, which is another capability that the druids lack; yet one should note that they also lack a druid's prowess with celestial and healing arts instead focusing on their combat abilities. This particular beastmaster, although she is young, will probably be a valuable member of the crew; mostly because it means we don't have to walk anywhere anymore... Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

49. Zephyr, the Iberian Fox :icontomaolykos: - The men of Iberia are fearsome warriors, renowned for their proficiency in the shamanistic arts. Often, their tribes would be split according to a patron animal spirit and the Fox-tribe in particular are highly dexterous archers and very skilled trackers. Most Iberians are welcome aboard pirate ships, for they have a keen ability to track down one's enemies. A good captain is always sure to have an Iberian in his crew, for no other could read stars and land with such ease and clarity. On a side note, they're also bloody good at digging up the hidden treasure of OTHER pirates, making them quite a bonus. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

50. Claire De Luna, The Soul-less Sorrow Eater :iconnordictwin: - The Soul-less are interesting beings, for they are similar to the vampires, yet completely different in their consumption habits. For example, a soul-less is not afraid of the sun, it does not harm it, but its biological clock is nocturnal (hence it is sluggish during the day if awoken). Furthermore they are capable of sucking directly at a person's soul. Iktinos Anthias, the Archmage of Ferrelheim, once stated that they are considered to be 'Energy Vampires' as their habits of sucking at souls actually affect an individual's mana flow. Spellcasters are an especially tasty meal for these creatures and the more mana you possess the 'sweeter' and more fragrant the 'soul' happens to be. However the definition of energy vampire was dropped when it was discovered how difficult these creatures are to kill. First off, they are not weak to cold iron or blessed silver, unlike their Vampiric kin. Divine magic will also do next to nothing against these creatures. Instead, it is recommended that one uses a weapon enchanted with ice or fire, and spells of a similar attribute, in order to overcome their resilience to damage. However, these creatures have a secondary, phantom-form, which they can use to change their structure to an extent. In this form, only lightning based weaponry and magic can affect them and physical weapons will do them no harm. The soul-less number far less than the vampires as it is only possible to spread their curse with direct intent, but compared to their blood-sucking kin, facing one of these would be a near suicidal effort for all but the strongest of Mages and Warriors. I for one - am glad to have added her to my crew. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

51. Ifrit Gilgamesh, Fauren Blatt Meister :iconanunfoldedpapertiger: - The Fauren are a unique race of Feliothropes, similar to the Wolves of the Wolven Pride. Ifrit in particular is a strong Fauren warrior who uses his natural inborn gifts of superior agility and strength to perform incredible acts of swordsmanship (which would be impossible for a mere human to follow). He believes himself to be the last of his kind, but has joined Chenbeard's crew in order to find out if this is really true. The pirate states that on an island not far from the North of the Galbin coast there lives a race of creatures with similar characteristics, though their fur is white; to match with their snowy homeland. For the time being Ifrit has seen fit to grant Chenbeard his assistance, until he sees this other tribe with his own two eyes. His proof of loyalty can be found here (and this one has the captain's personal recommendation as it's VERY good) and his current bounty is 1,000 gems

52.  Mouse, the Hawk-eyed Navigator :iconyugijak: - Since the loss of our previous navigator. Quite frankly the ship has been bouncing around into all sorts of troubles. Coral reefs, lighthouses, a desert, a mountain. You really can't question who it is has the worse sense of direction in the world when it comes to Captain Chen. Once upon a time, he was looking for the bathroom and warped time and space so severely by getting lost in a straight hallway that he caused the entire hallway's reality to reconstruct itself, putting in a slight bend so he could tell which way was forward and back. No one knows exactly how severe the consequences of this time warp happen to be, but let's just say there are very few straight lines anywhere except the ocean. That's where Mouse comes in, he's a bit of a cursed lad and possibly a latent psyker owing to his mental abilities that seem to summon storms; but overall he's a right fit for the crew. His hawk-eyed abilities and in-born clairvoyance should assist the ship in steering clear of danger. At least for the time being. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty be UNDISCLOSED

53. Xexn'i, the Observer :iconxenxi-the-observer: - Observers are a pretty rare breed around the Galbin coast, there's always talk of them being hunted like Witches by troops of Exorcists. Unlike psykers they don't however pose a great threat, but their ability to learn and remember things can sometimes be put to extremely potent use by dark organisations. The thieves guild of Kusalin in the east of Galbador, is known to make use of many observers, mostly to remember the nature, mannerisms, behaviour and appearance of their marks before assassinating them and imitating them for a time (in order to confuse the authorities of when the killing took place). As such, the underworld of Eastern Galbador is much more powerful and frightening than the guilds and gangs that spring up along the Galbin coast, which is in the West. Luckily, not all observers are drawn into the dark power struggles and occasionally one might join up with the marines; or the ultimate pirate crew ever known to sail the seven seas. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is 21,000 gems

54. Amy, the Hero :iconstories-of-lives: - Quite honestly you get these people popping up every now and then. I mean when you live in a world of dragons and pirates and ninjas (OH MY!) you often find knights and princesses and of course heroes. Unfortunately most heroes have been out of work for the past six decades since the last Maou was killed. Without a demon king to actually threaten the world, heroes became quite useless. Knights had more armor and often better brutality, discipline and training. Mages and Wizards had a greater spell range and of course Healers could cure diseases both magical and biological. As such heroes, who tend to be a right mix of a warrior, basic mage and basic healer, became jack of all trades party fill-ins. However, that's only if you think of them in a linear sense. Theory is very different to practice and in practice is where heroes shine. Since heroes often fight up close, they do not suffer from having to chant their spells before casting, often raw willpower is sufficient allowing them to strike more quickly (though they lack the wide-area artillery power of a proper mage) similarly if a comrade is hurt on the battlefield, a healer can't just rush out and get themselves duffed by a lucky strike, their place will be at the rearline and until you get the injured person there, the rudimentary healing magic of a hero works quite well. Having noticed this from his numerous travels and battle experiences, Captain Chen was quite eager to recruit the young hero, even if her proof could use a little more substance. Here proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

55. Nathan, the Quartermaster :iconenemv33: - Logistics can always be a problem on the high seas. One never knows if one's supplies might run out halfway through the journey. Ports can be few and far between in the new lands and worse still, in chartered territory. It is therefore the duty of the Quartermaster to ensure that the stores are always inventoried and that the crew does not run dangerously low on supplies. That said, defending the stores against a raid is a secondary responsibility of the quartermaster and he should ensure that his weapons never stray far so that none can steal that which belongs to the crew. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

56. Vitalius, of the Adeptus Astartes :icontearnimale: - In the far distant future of mankind, there is only war. Humanity faces against foes uncountable. The aliens, the mutants and the heretics. Hence, humankind has genetically engineered warriors of incredible skill and strength. Towering over any mere mortal man, they are warriors who face the greatest of threats. One of them it appears has returned to distant age and until he finds his way back, he has agreed to aid the crew. He hails from the Imperial Fists, men who have come from the line of Rogal Dorn. They are the finest servants of the God Emperor and their skill will be needed here. Demons roam the continent of Galbindor and cults of heretics have spawned nearly overnight. The world is in peril and a hero must rise. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

57. Kake, Reaver of Aldrithi :iconkakekills: - Aldrithi is a dark land, close to the heart of Gaia itself. It is located on the middle continent and is home to many of the Shadow-touched people. These beings are humanoid in appearance, but their skin and their eyes carries a shade's touch. Each has a connection to the Nether Realm and some have whispers in their families of carrying demon's blood. The Aldrithi on the whole however are fairly reasonable people. They have many goods to trade and often unique skills to sell to the various pirate crews that frequent the land. Amongst these, is a rather infamous type of mercenary known as a Reaver: beings capable of transforming their fallen enemies into an energy source, rapidly increasing their strength as they slaughter their enemies. A Reaver can be a useful ally in battle, if they are properly deployed. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED

58. Borris, The Fureldan Negotiator :iconrussianbear09: - Negotiators are always needed on pirate crews. After all, when the marines are screaming for you to release the hostages, it is always a good idea to have an expert negotiator to convince them into giving in to your demands. Considering the need for a negotiator to be imposing, what better choice than a freaking gigantic bear. That's right, we have a bear as our negotiator. Hailing from the land of Fureldan, Borris is a member of Fuzzy Wuzzy tribe, famous for ripping the hearts out of their victims and roasting it on a spit. Borris however was often polite enough to ask first and would only tear the other party's arms off if they insulted his mother. Would I welcome him aboard the crew? He's a god damn bear, I'm freaking TAKING him. His proof of loyalty can be found here: and his current bounty is 1,000 gems.

59. Truth, The Farseer :icontruthistruth: - In the lands of Imaheral, many are born with the gift of precognition and farsight. This infusion of knowledge however also drives many insane during their childhood years and thus the land of Imaheral is a hellish wasteland of walking spirits and dark realities. Some of these 'oracles' or 'farseers', as they are called by the pirates, are so powerful in terms of their psychic strength that they possess the ability to rewrite their current realities. Damage to their body can be imagined away, as though the attack itself was nothing more than a fantasy. Truth comes from this barren land and she is one of the few who chose the path of the Blind Walkers. In order to quiet their minds they voluntarily remove their physical eyes, perceiving the world only through their psychic senses. They are the keepers of knowledge and the holders of the captain's conscience. For when the Captain himself is blinded by rage, it is the farseer who must stem the tide. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

60. Kiri-san, The Night-weaver :iconrosemonkeyct: - How often have you had dreams where you remain conscious? Left completely aware and in control of your body, you always find yourself seeking 'something'. It is never explained what that 'something' might be, but in your heart you are desperate to find it. Night-weavers are those who specialise in dealing with such dreams. They enter the mental labyrinths of others in order to find this 'something'. It is said that what they might retrieve are but fragments. Tiny shards of a magnificent whole that is to be someday reunited. No one understands why the Night-weavers seek these shards, nor what their quest might entail. Yet their unique abilities to delve into the dreams of others, finds them a place amongst any crew. Her proof of loyalty can be found here: and her current bounty is UNDISCLOSED.

So listen up ye bunch o' cut-throats, it be time t' welcome our latest warrior, while we set sail for more adventurous seas. HYAR HAR!


Alright maties, ye've made it into tha crew. Congratulations ^^. Now it's time ta learn about Bounties.

First, what are bounties? - A Bounty is basically a number that increases based on a system of viewership. It is designed to give each and every artist the incentive to improve their viewership and also act as a 'bragging right' of sorts, though I hope everyone will be graceful about their bounties xD.

An example of how it will be used is as follows:
1. It will be added here on the Crew List (if you opt to use the system)
2. You can put it in your signature or wherever you want, as a show of skill.
3. It can help you mark your own performance by giving you a solid benchmark.

It should be noted there are two special bounty statuses - 1) Undisclosed [This means the individual has yet to earn a bounty] or 2) Special Status [The crew member does NOT wish to participate in the bounty system for a particular reason].

How you acquire a bounty will be based on the following milestones:

Literature based art:
100 views - 1,000 gems
500 views - 5,000 gems
1000 views - 20,000 gems
5000 views - 50,000 gems
10,000+ views - 200,000 gems

Non-Lit [Visual] Arts (easier to get recognised):
100 views - 500 gems
300 views - 1,000 gems
700 views - 5,000 gems
1300 views - 20,000 gems
5400 views - 50,000 gems
10,000+ views - 200,000 gems

Daily Deviation - +20,000 gems
Front Page (24 hours only) [DEVIANT ART HOMEPAGE] - +20,000 gems
Front Page (24 hours only, category**) - +10,000 gems
Featured (on person's page*) - +1,000 gems per person [show proof]

*With respect to this, the person featuring must have over 50 watchers to qualify.
** Those trying for a category frontpage require more than 300 views on their piece to qualify, because I've found out it's rather easy to get on the front page of 24 hour Lit ^^; - effective ONLY after the 6th of July 2012

In order to submit your bounty application. SEND A NOTE, to the Captain and let him known which of your pieces reached what milestone. ONLY PIECES SUBMITTED AFTER THE 30th of MARCH 2012 WILL QUALIFY. An example of the note is below:

"Hi Captain, my poem/art piece 'Eating Sugar' has achieved 100 views and I would like to add it as a bounty. Here is a link to the piece: *insert URL*"

The amount of bounty that is added will be automatically calculated and I recommend that you wait about 2 or 3 days before submitting a piece for bounty count. Reason being, once submitted, the same piece cannot be resubmitted for a higher bounty count.

Remember that participating in this system is optional, but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. It gives you something to strive for, even if it's just bragging rights and you can look upon and be proud that you've earned and done something for yourself ^^

NOTE PLEASE: Due to time constraints, ALL bounties are to be compiled into one list. Submit it once per week to me. That is to say, collect up all your bounties once each week and send them as a list in the format prescribed above. That will save me a lot of time :3.



Prior to joining the crew you will need to read the Pirate Charter, listed here:

"While it might seem strange that Pirates should have rules, it is discipline that leads to true freedom. Many of you have all read of my darker past; and certainly those that know something of it might agree that things have to change. I believe that as Captain Chenbeard, I would like to change that. Buried is the past and yawning ahead is the future. For that reason, I will be altering the means by which we sign up as pirates.

- Excerpt from the Pirate Charter, please read it in order to learn how to join.

NOTE: Many individuals are confused about the proof of loyalty. ANYTHING is accepted as proof, be it art (drawings etc.) or literature, HOWEVER the piece MUST contain an oath of allegiance. That is to say, you MUST swear your loyalty to me as the Captain and this should be demonstrated in the author's comments section OR in the piece itself. The idea of the crew after all is to have me as its head and therefore this oath isn't something you should take lightly. Please keep that in mind ^^

NOTE 2: Due to comments getting lost easily, ALL proofs MUST be sent as a note or they will NOT be accepted. Also, it may take up to two weeks before your membership is approved. This is especially true during my hiatuses.
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