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Submitted on
July 16, 2012


68 (who?)
CRUCIAL UPDATE: Please read "Update #6" in the Update Log, it suggests that the staff may not be wholly at fault: However, the revolution continues as we have yet to receive an answer. Proceed to the latest update below

UPDATE: All Updates will be posted below the journal entry, just ctrl + f "Update #12" to see it. All updates are numbered at the bottom

Please note this event ended a long time ago, though there was no official resolution to the matter, my work is no longer targeted and though I don't know who/what was responsible at the time. I have decided to raise awareness of the literature community through my art, rather than through this event

Breaking the Limit - A Special Event by Chen

Hi there everyone,

I would like to start this with a simple appeal: DA seems to be trying to prevent me from reaching front page by shuffling my literature behind less popular pieces each time it reaches a set fave count. They have not given me a reason for their actions, but I'm looking to turn this set of lemons into lemonade. To do that, I will be hosting an event; because I love to put on a show. Read the summary if you don't like long reads, or read the full event for all the goodies :3

SUMMARY: My work is being targeted, fave it to break the limit and show them who's boss

Introduction Speech:

Brothers and Sisters :iconamon-plz:,

It appears to me that despite us coming home from the dreary classrooms and boring amphitheatres of our schools and colleges (universities), there are those who seek to continue to control us and tell us how to live our lives. They seek to tell you that your taste counts for nothing and that you should adore only what they want you to adore. This speaks to me of tyranny and abuse; dictatorship at its very finest. Why? Because they are telling you that you are free to like whatever you long as they like it too. As soon as they find something that goes against the grain...they seek to take it away, simply because they want to promote what THEY believe is the correct ideal.

In my long years of study, I have learnt that the variable most unpredictable; most immeasurable: is the human spirit. Humans are innovative, destructive, loving, caring. We have so much capacity for change within us, that it seems foolish to have to cage that away. Fortunately, I will not let my spirits be caged once again; not when I have earned my freedom. Hence, I will be hosting the following event, to BREAK the conventions and shackles that they seek to place upon me. The details of the event are as follows:

Supporter Classes:

In order to overcome these limits that I have been shackled with, I will need support. However, rather than simply asking for support; I shall turn it into a game for all to enjoy. As with all good games, they start with CLASSES!

Basic Support - These are people who want to remain anonymous. All they have to do is simply favourite my works when they view it (think of it as courtesy). Surely, one click of a button is not too much to ask ^^

Knights of the Round - Supporters in this class will have the following things:
1) Their icon displayed here in the journal, the current Knights are:
Knight :iconskylark-13:, Knight :iconsleepingintheshadows:, Knight :iconmaj0rmaremolester:, Knight :iconking0fbabel: Knight :icon5popcorn99:
Knight :iconinkweaver22: Knight :iconkajatica: Knight :iconfrostkissxx: Knight :iconharold-f-davidson: Knight :iconzippydsmlee:
Knight :iconmossstar10: Knight :iconextranzia: Knight :iconzstew2: Knight :iconirideamagicalladle: Knight :iconkoratoshisfriend:
Knight :iconshi-sagi: Knight :iconacalanthide:
2) Exposure from me, daily faves and views of their work :3

How do you make it into this class? SIMPLE! All you have to do in addition to faving my work, is to simply put up journals that help to raise awareness of the problem OR raise awareness through alternative means (check with me first). Examples:
i) Putting up a journal that tells people to have a look at the 24 hr lit page and seeing the difference in pieces
ii) Telling people about the problem of DA tweaking their own system to change public perception
Note: It would be nice if you told them to also fave my work in the journal, but this is NOT a requirement. I want to raise awareness of the issue more than anything, as this is no different from governments trying to silence the freedoms of the public.
Note 2: Putting up a journal just once will get you featured only for a short while. I don't expect a journal screaming about this everyday, but keep awareness of the issue alive. That is all ^^

Godfathers/Godmothers - Supporters of this class will have the following things:
1) Their icon AND group icon displayed here in the journal, the current Godparents are:
Godfather, :iconbattlebrothertherix: from the group :icondeviantliterature:
Godmother, :icondragonawakener: from the group :iconhumblewriters:
Godmother, :icondrksorceress: from the group :iconassassinscreedfreaks:
Godmother, :icontigergirl008: from the group :iconstop-teh-bullying:
Godmother, :icondark-harou: from the group :iconcreative-pens:
Godfathers, :iconzenzero541: and :iconkoratoshisfriend: (and all the co-founders) of :iconpoem-forthe-poemless:
Godmother, :iconjetblackheartxxx: from the group :iconthe-unheard-poets:
2) Exposure from me, daily faves and views of their work :3

How do you make it into this class? Just follow these steps:
i) This class is only for Group Founders/Co-Founders who are willing to get their groups to help out.
ii) Just put up journals explaining the situation and the event and raise awareness of the problem. Get people to be aware of the fact that freedom is something we all have a right to and that it is worth fighting for.

PROPHETS OF DOOOOOM! - Spelt with exactly 5 O's. This class will probably be empty for awhile, but it is reserved for the people who want to literally dedicate their lives and souls to the cause and lay it on the LINE! Here is what they get:

1) Honourable Mentions in every poem posted.
2) Their icon AND their main group icon (if they are founder/co-founder) displayed here. The current prophets are:
Prophet :iconforgotten-reaper: Prophet :iconskipskatt: Prophet :icondragon-demygod:
3) Exposure from me, daily faves and views of their work :3

How do you make it in? Well, it's a little tougher:
i) Be an ultra activist. Fave every piece that comes out...heck go fave the old stuff too. Get people to be aware and convert them with the power of speech! (for Age of Empires players I will accept 'Wololol, aiyoyoyo') Your job is to be a prophet of doom, so get the support of the masses.
ii) Go to forums, start topics (NO SPAM OR FLAMING), just mature topics where you tell people about the problem and let them start getting active.
iii) Use your journal! Much like Luke uses the force...
iv) VOLUNTEERS ONLY! No wishy-washy commitments

i) Create fake accounts to fave. This is illegal
ii) Get people to create accounts just to fave. It's kind of the same as above. If you do do this, make sure the person really wants to be a member of Deviant Art and they must put up at least 3 - 4 deviations before faving my work and may not just fave and then deactivate their account or something like that. I don't want those kinds of cheap faves. We must win with HONOUR! :iconazulaplz: Whoops wrong one, this is the right one :iconzuko-plz:

So, if you fit the requirements (or have the intention of fitting the above requirements) post a comment or send a note. I will add you into the class immediately.

Special Class: Angel of Mercy
This is dedicated to :iconuntamedunwanted: a powerful author who gave me a chance and read my appeal for what it really is. Not a cry for attention, but a fight for fairness and a push against unfair oppression. I am proud to have her support and she even went so far as to give me a premium membership. I am deeply honoured to receive such kindness again, it first began with :icondarlingangel0565: and it seems angels still watch over me.


Alright, now we get to the part everyone likes. REWARDS!

In addition to the above stuff. Here are some extra collectable goodies for anyone who wants them:

Screen-cap a limit-break - Each poem posted will have a 'Faves Needed for Appeal', if you screen cap it after it breaks (within 10 faves of the break) you receive an honourable mention in the next poem :3. Maximum of three, round robin-style. If you've won before you'll wait till the next cycle before getting your name up again ^^.

Breaking the Limit! - Like in Final Fantasy Seven, I enjoy breaking my limits. So here is what will happen whenever you guys help me break my limit. This starts next week, but I will post pictures of myself (in regular clothes, I'm too poor for outfits) and even try to get videos up on youtube or me talking or doing other funny stuff to entertain you guys ^^. Heck I might sing but your eardrums might bleed. Anyway, just to clarify, breaking the limit means going over and beyond the number of faves that I post up as an appeal.

Swell the forces - If you refer people to me, get them to drop me a note with WHO referred them and I will give you an honourable mention in the next poem.

Have FUN!

The most important thing in the world about this, is to HAVE FUN! Get involved, get active, but don't forget; fighting for freedom and for someone's rights without a smile...that's not what I want. I'm an entertainer and I refer to myself as such. I go by the name Chenbeard because I like to make people smile with my pirate accent. I LOVE to do accents, I LOVE to put on a show and I hope I make this a good one for all of ya'll.

How long will the event run? Till I get an answer. I'll run it for a year if I have to :3

So let's get this party started! Heck...fave this journal right now if you want to xD


Update #12
Posted as at 27th July 2012 4:18pm

To my dearest friend and supporters,

After two days I have finally returned and I need to bring the following news to you:

1) The revolution ends on Sunday, irrespective of the result. I made a promise to end it and so it will end. The admins have no responded to me yet, but that was expected (i was told they would take a long time). Instead I will be using a different method to raise awareness of literature (namely through the use of each of my pieces as a way of bringing awareness to the category specific popular page).

2) I will resume handing out favourites and other items all the way till Sunday.

3) I intend to observe the system over the next three days in the hopes of better understanding it. My research and any discoveries will always be catalogued in my journals, so you will all continue to receive news as soon as I obtain it (which includes information that the admins can hopefully bring back to me).

4) The reason why I was away for two days, was so that I could upgrade my skills. When one chooses to write in a particular style, it is easy to get absorbed into that style and to favour it. This is a natural occurrence, but it stymies creativity and progress. It is common to see artists get locked up in a single style and since I update very frequently, I am at greater risk of that than anyone else. So occasionally I go through self-imposed 'reset' periods. Essentially, I will speak to no one, and not leave the house during this period. The only people who will have contact with me are specifically chosen individuals who sort of serve as a link to the outside world in case anything goes wrong, usually everything is fine though. In any case, I am back now and I hope to see if I have learned anything ^^

P.S. all updates are catalogued here so you can read the history of what has happened:

  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Remember the Name - For Minor
  • Reading: Stories of Hardship
  • Watching: The World struggle on
  • Playing: An old game of Halo for feels
  • Eating: A simple sandwich, can't afford more
  • Drinking: Water, it's free
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KittykatMWuster Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall help! ^^ anyway, good luck, I'm faving stuff regardless of whether the admins respond or not, because your work is awesome either way X3
Koratoshisfriend Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck my friend, I will still be supporting you, but not as active because of personal matters (My grandmother passed away yesterday so I will be spending a lot of time with family), I will still try to raise awareness
LPeebles Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the fact that you're doing this. The fact that so little literature is on the front page gets under my skin, especially since that's pretty much all I do... I may sketch something occasionally, but I mostly write poetry... I wish it got more exposure, though... In feel as if people are in some huge rush and don't take the time to sit back and enjoy a piece of well thought out literature... I take pride in my poetry and it deeply saddens me when I see literature being undermined so much... :iconsadplz: We work constantly to improve our art, just like other artists... We have similar drives and inspiration, and also love what we do... Why doesn't literature get more of a highlight, then? For me, literature is as beautiful as traditional art... It is well planned and takes an intelligent mind to be able to paint such a beautiful mental image. Literature is just as, if not more so on some occasions, beautiful as traditional artwork and deserves its chance to shine too. Just because we may be more of a minority doesn't mean that we don't work as hard or don't love art just as much... Anyway, sorry for the speech... :iconsosorryplz: If you read the whole thing, give yourself ten awesome points and keep loving literature! :iconhappinessplz:
chalekam Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Chen!
Im a big fan of your work. I just heard of your impending sorry to hear you're unwell.i wish you a speedy recovery! Im off to finish reading your poem 'the avatar state'
Scarlettletters Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Professional Writer
I realize that DA has more visual art categories than literature but I have always been wondering why there are not several pieces of literature in both the 8 and 24 hour page, as many pieces are deserving. I also think literature deserves a few more Daily Deviations....
WordOfChen Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Professional Writer
Hey ^^ you're a frequent front pager too :3. I remember your NaPoWriMo selection of poetry, it was great.

Anyhow, Daily devs won't help, we need front page slots. They're worth way more than daily devs. Reason being, daily dev you can win once every three months, front page is easier to get. However, things are different now...VERY different

I am hoping that after my research this week I will be able to shed more light on the system.

Scarlettletters Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Professional Writer
I would just like to see ore space given to literature. Increase the top 24 to 30 and make six of them literature. Make three to four DDS literature. There is some excellent work and authors here that deserve to be seen and recognized.
WordOfChen Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Professional Writer
Well you can manually increase the top 24 count. There is a button to do so, so that feature already exists.

However, DA will not give 6 slots to literature.

Consider how many categories there are for visual arts as compared to literature. Two slots is a probable bet, but six would be way over the top.

Furthermore, the helpdesk is unlikely to listen to our pleas, as it is they turn aside most requests and they are very slow in responding to people and getting back to them.

I understand that there is a lot of work that needs to be seen on Deviant Art, but a war cannot be fought with idealism alone. We must see what our current position is and work with small gains.

For now I am focusing on advocating the pop 8 and pop 24 for lit. in every piece I post and starting next week (once my college schedule resumes) i will no longer be posting daily and instead following an update schedule. During off-days I hope to feature literature from other writers in pop 8 and talk to them about the problems facing the literature community. This information will be released on monday.

I understand that many writers feel strongly about the discrimination we suffer, but at the same time there are many that are against us as well and if we start asking for too much, we'll just end up feeling the reprisal.

Sakurachan105 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
XD sorry this piece made me smile, therefore is deserving of a fave, honestly i think it's awesome that your taking a undesirable situation and turning it into a rather amusing looking game. :meow:
i'll continue faving and try to make more time to read your new deviations XD
DarlingAngel0565 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Professional Writer
You will always have Angels watching over you me Capetian. :hug:
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