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May 3, 2013
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The Real Writers:

There are those who sit with their laptops and tablets,
Clothed in a scarf and an artistic hat of some sort.
They ponder; leaving a stack of books beside them,
Sipping their decaf as though they are literature personified.


What works do they prepare, other than blatant copies,
Perhaps a half-baked romance designed to woo a lady.
So convinced are they, of their own aptitude;
They are blinded by the beams of their burgeoning ego.

For the writer is not the man who is tapping away at keys,
He is not the man fervently reading with lensless glasses.
He is not the hipster debating ancient literature.
For he is a monster, wearing human skin.

He is the deranged madman, eccentric, uncanny.
He is the one who sits catatonic;
An entire world of fantasy playing in his mind.
He has gone through millions of scenes,
Thousands of scenarios, hundreds of plots
And dozens of characters.

He is not the man you expect him to be,
For a true writer is utterly WEIRD.

"So please do not offer me your shakespearian sonnets, kind sir,
For the world of Arrindor is calling to me! (*3*)/"

-Chen Yuan Wen, 4th April 2013
Direct from the captain himself~ x3

"Know the difference between the hipster and the writer. Often I seem many groups of 'artsy' individuals hanging outside the local coffe place drinking whatever strange blends they might concoct and thinking themselves professional.

If one has learned anything from 'Family Guy' its the fact that Brian griffin, who happens to be a bad writer, often does the sort of things you'd expect from these folk. They tap away at keys for a little while and feel accomplished.

No, that's not real writing. Real writing is seeing everything happening around you. You must constantly be living in the world you are trying to create.

For there is no better aid to writing, than to be living the fantasy you wish to live."

And that was all the coherent words we could get out of him ^^; Look forward to more wisdom/insanity tomorrow while we attempt to stop him from looking like a gremlin amongst the dust and boxes~

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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You hit the nail on the head with this one. What you say very true, not just for writers but any medium of the arts.
WordOfChen Oct 3, 2013  Professional Writer
Thank ye kindly ^^

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
Oreochema Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is soooo true! You have put into words exactly how I feel about writing! I'm always visiting my imaginary worlds! ^^
WordOfChen Oct 3, 2013  Professional Writer
Reply is late, but glad ye really liked this one ^^

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
Oreochema Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's fine, mate. I understand ye be busy, what with lootin' the ships o' the high seas and evadin' all the King's navy!

WordOfChen Oct 3, 2013  Professional Writer
Pretty much x'D (which is the pirate way of sayin' I be as poor as a chantry mouse x'D)

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
Lowenaaa Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm strange, I feel like i'm a little both.

I have indeed an entire world in my head that I can came in whenever I want, but even if I love write in a sheet, I use a computer for my stories because my mind is too fast for a simple pencil (it's not to say "hey my mind is so much better than yours !" but it's a real fact, when I try to write with a pencil I become quickly frustrated because my hand can't follow the rhythm of my mind).

Also, I don't really get why you want to separate writers in two categories, the "monster category" and the "poser category". Can't we be none of them and just write to tell a story, just to make people happy ?
WordOfChen Aug 20, 2013  Professional Writer
Actually looking back, this poem was a response to something rather obnoxious which I sighted during a long hiatus from DA.

They claimed that it was best to sit in a local coffee place and tap away at a laptop, feeling all sophisticated and such and I felt that it was a little bit of a slap to the more 'street' artists like myself who are self-taught and who have learned our craft through experience.

It was just my own little way of striking back by showing the complete opposite of the situation the other writer has described. We are not the prim and proper souls sipping coffee, we are the wild weavers of fantasy sitting like L in our chairs and drinking weird concoctions *3* (or at least I am xD)

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

Lowenaaa Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm I think I understand better what you wanted to say.
The weird thing is I still have the feeling I'm a little both XD

I really like to write with noise around me, and I fucking LOVE coffee (coffee addict forevar *-*). I believe every writer in this world have his own way to write. Also, I'm an optimistic soul and if thoses people didn't make good writing, maybe it's because they don't have enough training (and I believe this is what you wanted to express), think "hey I'm a writer !" just because they write something and then tell other people the way they write their stories was the only way to write stories (which is false).

Hey, I'm really happy to talk with you about this subject, thanks for your reply ;)
WordOfChen Aug 21, 2013  Professional Writer
Pretty much what you said, oh strangely attractive female cat girl thing x'D

Anyway my dear, I am the opposite. I write best when I am in two states. Hyper Depressed or Hyper Angry. Of course, I don't constantly stay in these states. I use a style similar to method acting, where I adopt the role of the character. Immediately after I will go play a game for maybe 20 minutes or something to make myself feel happy and return to a neutral perspective x'D

So yes, everyone has their own way of writing, mine just happens to be weird as heck!

Coffee works for some and some people like noise. Me I like tranquility, if it is not absolutely silent, I cannot do my best writing xD (though once I'm in the zone I can't hear anything either) xD

And it's no problem, although I'm busy, talking to people is important ^^

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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