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October 23, 2012
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Coward of a Man:

You stand there whinin', cryin' crocodile tears and playin' victim.
Ye eyes demand pity, but yer lips are spewin' nothin' but lies.
Flowery speeches o' harmony and unification;
It's bollocks and snake-oil I say!

I ask ye, as someone who aspires t' be a leader:
What exactly are ye worth?
Who exactly are ya, and what in th' bloody hell makes you worth followin'?

Now I've watched ye fer a long time, and I've known ye fer even longer -
Ye always stand there beggin', askin' us fer help, askin' fer a handout;
But yer hands are clean, uncalloused, and completely free from sweat or toil.
Instead, ye make us promises; promises as empty as air and about half as useful!

In the end, here ye are again, callin' fer our unification, callin' fer togetherness.
Isn't that just yer own way of hidin' behind the labour and efforts of others?
While we stand out in th' front, ye sit behind and give us speeches,
Ye tell us that we're comin' together fer the good of us all.
Yet, the only one I see benefittin' is the coward inside of ya...

But what happens when we turn away? When we choose t' ignore th' man -
When we decide we've had enough and we block our ears
From the fool who continued to cry wolf.
Well, there come ye tears again; and the tantrums; and the pleas,
Didn't ye grow out o' that as a child?
Or perhaps ye mum didn't raise ye right enough t' be a man.

Well - I say enough o' this, enough o' listenin'
Fer the only leader worth respectin' is someone who leads by example.
If ye want t' show someone the way, then don't use yer pretty words.
Show us - show us by action, that this is th' way t' get things done.

A man's worth may not be measured in the size of his muscles, his purse or his mind;
But let it be measured by the strength of his heart and the size of his courage.
The first man bears the most danger, because he knows he might be the first t' die.
But he also knows that he's got th' skill t' survive, and hopefully,
He'll be th' one t' lead us home...

The man who walks in front rarely does it fer glory.
Instead, he chooses his path so that no one else has t' die -
And that me friend, is the true worth of a man.
Measured not by reckless boastin',
But by a quiet acceptance of his own fate, his own skill and his own place...

-Chen Yuan Wen, 23rd Oct 2012
Arrr maties,

Yer favourite pirate Captain be back on th' high seas...and what do I see on me first day o' comin' back:

Cowards and whiners, slackers and ne'er-do-wells. A couple of whom have posted some very angry rants on DA because apparently they feel disadvantaged, since we're not takin' th' time t' give em a handout and stroke their self-esteem.

I mean first of all these individuals, decide to ask DA fer 'help' and then they sit and wait and do nothing t' promote their job advertisement. Had they obtained a college degree in commerce with just one unit in marketing 101, they would've realised that the world is such that ye have t' make people aware. After awareness, comes INCENTIVES. What reason do they have t' follow someone who's unproven and untested? That'd be the same as a gamble and most people aren't gamblers...

Essentially, here is what was wrong with their "Recruitment":
1. No directions and no specifications were given.
2. No pay (if its free expect the lowest quality individuals to respond unless you have something more t' offer).
3. They talked down t' the very same people they were tryin' t' recruit by claiming they could help launch them or suggest that a collaborative publishing effort would be possible. Most people knew it was a scam t' get cheap labour right from th' start.

Now, after their little tirade and unsuccessful recruitment drive, a couple (it was more than one) of these bandits decided that they should rant about "popular " artists and claim that we're somehow too entrenched in th' market.

Matie, have ye listened to yerself? First o' all, popularity isn't instantaneous, nor is it gained overnight. The hours we spend here in doing market research, consumer taste preference surveys, not to mention the other hours spent tryin' and experimentin' with new ideas and writing all adds up.

If yer unwilling t' give up th' time t' do something worthwhile and if yer unwilling t' put effort into yer public relations. Then of course nothing will work out.

Now then, time fer me own experiment. If anyone read this far down me little rant, then I want t' see how much 'popularity' counts for. Ergo, I will post a similar request to what the whiny artist requested and see how many respond (respond via note).

What I need ye all t' "help" me with, is t' design some cute chibis of Chenbeard the pirate, either doin' somethin', fightin' somethin', or just bein' in a settin' or place. Humour is appreciated and if its good I'll use as a cover fer me poem with FULL CREDIT given t' the artist.

Now let's sit back and see how many respond. Me bet be on one, maybe three :3.

-Captain Chenbeard o' the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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<font><font>buno muchas grasias por su atension pero tengo pruevas de q e realisado profecias puedo consegir el nomvre i todo por eskrito aki i en estados unidos</font></font>
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