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In the endless tranquil forest,

Hidden by the shadows beneath the leaves,

I smile; at peace with the world,

As your corpse smiles back at me...
How many times have you tried, just to put me down,

The last time I remember, I was underground.

And even then I rose up, just to challenge the greats.

You might be thinking that your wins are all a part of your fate;

But it's not!

You're a little puppet in the game,

And when you try to take me out, you'll be feeling the strain!

I will be breathing down your neck and it's offense;

No nonsense. I am the Word of Chen, execution commence!

And now you're feeling the pressure, I'll make you suffer;

Your words try to cut me, but you're bleeding your brother!

You don't recognize that I'm the one who paved your way;

And now you're crying, sweating bullets, while you kneel and pray-

I don't find you. You're scared! Your soul is bared,

The only thing that makes us different is the fact that I cared!

But it don't matter now boy! You can laugh and smile,

Because the only thing left is to burn you in a Word of Chen style.

- Chennie, 21st October 2014
You've Gone Far Enough
Yo yo yo,

To all my readers out there. This is your boy Chennie.

Now, let's be serious for a moment. I'm having some hard times in my life right now and I wasn't planning on returning to DA so quickly. I really wanted to take the time to sort out a lot of things that are really pushing me right now...but I'm afraid I had no choice.

You see, I found out a little something, and I won't name any names here, but there are a few people who have been disrespecting me. Now I normally wouldn't care if they just outright insulted me, but they're actually taking my works, especially my older ones, taking the themes from that and reworking the extra bits while keeping the core material the same.

What you get from that is basically stuff that looks deep and meaningful, but is really just recycled trash and I figure that if they're going to keep copying me, then I'm going to give them some serious rhyme and rhythm to copy.

So once again, there are those who want me six feet under. I've been away for so long that there probably aren't too many regular readers still lurking, but I've heard from Hayes that I'm still getting support and for those who are still clapping and cheering, I thank you immensely.

I may not have the kind of stage I once had, but baby you better believe I'll be rebuilding it, brick by boring brick if I have to.

- Chennie
You're always asking me if I had anything worth dying for.

I'll pose the opposite to you and ask you this:

"Why is it that you find life to be worth living?"

Is it so interesting to go through each day feeling anxious?

To the point that you feel nauseated enough to collapse.

Is it so joyous to spend each night staring at a blank ceiling,

Hearing the clock tick on toward morning,

And yet you lie awake.

Tired, but awake, emotionless, but awake...

Do you truly get up each day, facing it with optimism.

Or do you look at the news and the state of the world,

And genuinely fear for your safety?

Now, if it were me that you had asked my dear,

I'd tell you quite honestly: That I'd rather be dead.

At least I would not have to hear the white lie inside my head.

That tomorrow will bring me a 'better' day...

But of course, you are welcome to believe that.
I'd Rather Be Dead
Hey guys, sorry but I'm tired today, so I'm just gonna post Chennie's comment;
"There are those of you, I know, who probably share these feelings of mine. I personally have always had these types of thoughts, but there is actually a reason that I go on living. Quite simply, its because I know that there are still those that need me and it is those people that give me motivation to carry on."

-Hayes, on behalf of Chennie =P
You may take what you want from me,

Be it my pride or dignity.

You may throw insults at me,

And burn the shredded pieces of my sanity.

You may belittle me, as much as you want,

If only to make your meager life worth living.


But even if you do all that...


No one will protect you when I pull you into the dark.

No one will try to search for you, as my leather ropes tie you down.

No one will hear your screams as metallic screws drive into your face,

Etching an eternal smile, since you'll never leave this place...

"Now then, my dear sweet James, shall we play our favourite game?"
Stripping Me
Hi there,

Hayes here. Chennie is still having lots of work and things to sort out, so he left this piece for me to post for you all. His comment on it was this; 'There are many in our lives who cause us distress. Not the false distress of someone who thinks its cool to have some sort of mental illness, but the kind of distress that is brought on by an actual threat of physical harm. Aggression is a part of reality, but I find it easy to laugh when I realise: how easy it is to push metal into flesh. You don't even have to do it with aggression, as long as it is suitably sharp, it'll slide in nicely and that thought alone, will make you smile *Joker face* Anyway don't call the cops on me or some shizzle aight, I just write about psycho things, I'm a very normal person...mostly'

And there you have it, so ladies and gentlemen put down your phone and I'll see you at his next release, which according to him should be soonish.

My dear little man, now tired and weary,
The softness of sleep becomes dark and dreary.
In vivid dreams you see a bloodied ghost
Of the one you love and hate the most...

She tore into your veins,
And set them ablaze.
Even as you walked,
In a sickening haze.

You stole from the weak,
To feed your habit.
Blood upon the altar,
As you chased the rabbit.

A rabbit that enslaved,
Deep down the rabbit hole.
Inhaled like a blanket,
For the soul that was cold.

As the breathing became rapid,
And the vomiting begins.
You'll chase another rabbit,
To compound your sin.

And as your sins will grow,
So too will the madness.
It sinks into the heart,
And begins warping the canvas.

It paints it in bitterness,
The colour of black...
The colour of voices,
That lash at your back.

So dear little man, over pure white grains,
Are you done with this life of an endless pain?
I'll give you a solution, you need only apply...
For the man who is an addict, must surely die!
Hayes here, Chennie is still struggling with getting everything together, so again apologies for his absence.

He asked me to post this for you guys and left the following comment;
'It is difficult to give up on a habit. No matter how much it hurts you. Even if you shiver each night, you'll walk out to the same dark alleyway, smelling of dampness and mould; a scent that reminds you of home. You chase after an illusion, day by day, but your eyes are unable to find reality.'



WordOfChen has started a donation pool!
45 / 700
Check my Journal before you donate! I've got a few different ways that you can support me and they're all quite cheap! :'3

-Chennie :iconwordofchen:

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Hey everyone,

Chennie here and I know you haven't heard from me and I don't really have an excuses for why you haven't, but I'll try my best to explain it.

1. The Explanation:


Now, I'm a person that understands patterns pretty well. One thing I realised is that after every single 'BIG' update. Something always goes wrong in my life that forces me to leave DA for about a week. I was prepared for that. I caught a very bad case of the flu, which prevented me from doing any recording and I was planning to just wait it out. WELL TOO FUCKING BAD!

Post-Flu, I had so much shit go wrong in my life that I felt like I got hit by a train. I won't go into details because I don't normal share personal details about myself. I prefer to just smile and pretend it all never happened, but between the stress of starting up my new business as a day-trader, working as a financial consultant and trying to learn new things inbetween...not to mention all the emotional crap that happened like losing a bunch of friends...yeah I basically spent all my days hiding out on warframe because I had zero motivation to do anything. Literally zero.

Now usually I upgrade my writing during long breaks like these,  because I practice...this time, that didn't happen so maybe my works will have regressed to a bare A,B,C, who's to know. But what I do know, is that I'm back. I'm worthless, but I'm back and I'm going to give this Mega Update a second try.

Change Log to the Mega Update:

Scrapping the idea of paid audio for the pieces. Instead I will focus on the commissions opening up 
- Mask is ready, now working on a basic outfit design for a new YOUTUBE SHOW :D
- Word of Chen LIVE is coming back, with Chennie as the main persona. Won't be a weekly show though, it's more ad-hoc now.
- New Regular show will be Holy Man's Sunday confessional. Trying to work out a script for it.
- Advertising space will continue as normal.
- Update timing has been changed to once every 3 days minimum due to my current schedule.




I'm sure most of you know that I've been working on masks to fit different personas. I've been talking with the artist who is helping my create the mask and we've decided to create ONLY the Holy Man's mask first. There is no design for Angel's Wing yet and the other Personas will not receive a mask at this point in time.

Here is a full list of the coming personas and the type of pieces they will perform for you!

Holy Man - The dark priest of the nether realm! He performs surreal spoken word poetry, slam poetry and the occasional acid rap. Come visit his confessional in HELL (Coming soon to a youtube channel near you).

Angel's Wing - He is the voice of inspiration and I intend for him to do spoken word poetry that inspires others, he will also be performing all the romantic and emotional pieces.

- Zibir, Demon of Pride and Lust - This guy was originally tagged to Holy Man, but I decided to give him his own persona. He will do all the twisted sado-masochistic pieces, as well as topics on lust, cheating, and basically the dark side of humanity.

KROM - This guy was an accident. I was playing around with Zibir's voice and found that by replicating the final track and using an inverter technique, I could create a much more violent voice. He's still a WORK IN PROGRESS, but I intend for him to do a lot of violent pieces, dealing with hatred, murder and revenge.

12-V - This guy is basically an insane robot. He crosses over with Zibir quite a bit because he also does the sado-masochistic pieces, but while Zibir deals more with the mental aspect, 12-V deals more with physical agony. He has a wider range than Zibir though because he will cover a lot more topics and his robot voice is my sole original creation (using sound techniques I developed myself). This is the guy whom you will be seeing in my very next release :'3 His name is a homage to Alad V from Warframe.

Dante - Unlike the one from 'Dante's Inferno' this version is a GHOSTLY LICH. Basically he'll be using the Lich-King voice which I just think is awesome. I haven't decided on what pieces he'll do, but they'll be Ghostly!

Chennie - Just your average Asian kid. He is me, obviously LOL. I myself will just be performing those realistic, very urban pieces, mostly born from my experience on the streets. These pieces will just be slice-of-life or it may contain a little gangster rap (that's a rarity though)

And that's about it. This is my current voice set-up and I am separating these personas because each one is going to have a particular voice technique assigned to them (with the exception of Holy Man and Angel's Wing who have the same voice, but do different topics). I really wanted to expand my audio range because what I do, what I supposed to be entertainment. Yes, it contains feels, yes it contains emotions, but at the end of the day it is also here to let you enjoy a little something and that's why the entertainment value is important to me!


3. The Advertising Freespace!


From now on you'll be able to purchase advertising free-space on my journal for a small point donation. Just send me a note and tell me which piece you want advertised and how many days you want it advertised for. I will then accept it (once I've logged on and checked) and only AFTER I have put it up, should you actually pay me. Just in case I don't log on for a few days or something.

The cost is only 1 point, per piece, per day. This means that putting up 1 piece for 10 days will cost 10 points, but 2 pieces for the same 10 days would cost 20 points instead. 

All points earned this way, go toward buying a premium membership.

The limit per person is 10 pieces and the maximum advertising time is 7 days. Why? It makes calculations easy.

Your pieces will be advertised like this!


.: Adoptable :. [BID OPEN] by LugiaLuvr13 Lugialuvr13 (:iconlugialuvr13:) is currently having this adoptable for sale! Why not have a look at it :'3



I owe a lot of mentions. They will be coming soon!



Will be opening up end of August once I have everything sorted out!



Chen Yuan Wen
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In the spirit of fun. Chen has renamed himself Chenbeard the Pirate, and will be sailing the seven seas of poetry with his loyal Co-Captain Bootstrap Hayes. Our ship be named Sangue-Padre meanin' BLOOD FATHER. We also have a large crew of LOYAL pirates who participate in our ongoing roleplaying story "A Tale of Pirates", which can be read exclusively on Deviant Art.

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